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Bankruptcy Litigation in Crystal Lake

Are You Facing Debt Litigation?

Whether you are in debt or you are filing for bankruptcy, there are many different ways you could find yourself facing litigation. For example, a creditor may sue you if you do not pay your debt, even if you have filed for bankruptcy. They may try to argue whether a certain debt can truly be discharged and try to force you to pay them regardless. In other cases, you could face litigation for transferred deemed fraudulent during a limited time period before filing. At The Law Office of Timothy Brown, our Crystal Lake bankruptcy lawyer is committed to protecting you in any way we can.

There are a number of different ways you can fight a lawsuit filed against you:

Filing for bankruptcy can temporarily or end a pending lawsuit, if the trial involves money or property. If you are facing debt litigation from a creditor or lender, our Crystal Lake bankruptcy attorney is here to help find a situation.

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Aggressive & Dedicated Representation

We understand the stress which can be tied to the bankruptcy process and overwhelming debt in general. Finding out that a creditor is filing a lawsuit against you can only add to the existing stress. While many bankruptcy firms just handle the basics of bankruptcy filing paperwork and give advice, our firm does much more. We represent clients who are facing litigation for a wide range of reasons relating to bankruptcy.

Debt Litigation Attorney in Crystal Lake

At The Law Office of Timothy Brown, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality defense and legal service. With more than a decade of experience, we are familiar with the most effective tools of debt relief and bankruptcy litigation. You can count on us to fight aggressively for your best interests and to ensure you understand all of your options. We can offer you a complimentary consultation and are available evenings and weekends.

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