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Have You Fallen Behind On Your Mortgage?

If you have recently lost your job or run into a dire financial situation which has prevented you from paying your mortgage, you could be facing foreclosure. Every lender is different when it comes to foreclosing on a property. For example, some may begin proceedings after one missed mortgage payment, while others may wait until you are months behind.

At The Law Office of Timothy Brown, we understand that when money gets tight, it's not hard to fall behind on your payments. The most common solution is filing for bankruptcy, which stops foreclosure proceedings immediately. However, there are a variety of other steps you may be able to take to stop lenders from foreclosing on your home.

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Dedicated Representation to Prevent Foreclosure

Our top priority is to find the right solution which will work for your unique situation. We understand that facing foreclosure can be very stressful for you and your family. Our Crystal Lake foreclosure defense lawyer is known for being extremely compassionate and aggressive in our tactics to try to save your property.

There are a variety of steps we may be able to do to prevent foreclosure:

  • Short sale
  • Deed in lieu
  • Bankruptcy
  • Legal injunction
  • Mortgage modification

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Our Crystal Lake foreclosure defense attorney is dedicated to representing you through any court proceedings or in any negotiation meetings. We have more than a decade of experience in the field of bankruptcy law and foreclosure defense, which allow us to use a variety of tools to your benefit. From filing lawsuits and injunctions to helping you file for bankruptcy, we can work with you to hold off foreclosure proceedings while you resolve your legal issues.

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