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Clients of The Law Office of Timothy Brown work directly with our founding attorney, who remains available on weekends and evenings when you are in need of trusted legal counsel. You can rest assured knowing we are a local firm dedicated to helping the local community.

Best lawyer

“I recently used Timothy Brown for my case and was very satisfied with his Work! He is very knowledgeable , dedicated, caring and Reliable! With him you can be assured to win your case - will use him again if needed.”

Dana G.

  • He was very effective.

    “Our organization hired Mr. Brown to represent us in a commercial real estate transaction. He was very effective in negotiating the terms of the purchase. He did a good job drafting the legal documents and dealing with the attorney on the other side, competently handling all of the issues that arose throughout the process. We intend to use Tim Brown as our attorney in the future.”


  • Best lawyer we could find.

    “Best lawyer we could find took care of us very professional explain the whole procedure took us step by step my last one didn't even show up to the 341 and took my money.”


  • A great listener, very professional and detail oriented.

    “Highly recommended. Tim Brown is the first name that comes to mind when recommending an attorney. I was falsely accused of a crime. My boss set me up, It sounds very unlikely, I know, but it happened. I was arrested for a crime I did not commit. I lost my job and my reputation, and I lived in fear. I went thru 3 lawyers before Tim. They were arrogant and treated me like a criminal. I know they really didn't care about me, only the retainer fee. When I told Tim I was innocent, he looked me right in the eye and said "all my clients are innocent." And that was the first time I saw the Tim Brown grin. He treated me like I was. It took a private detective and a few conferences with the state's attorney and eventually, all the charges were dropped. He has handled a few other issues for me and I would definitely recommend him. He is a great listener, very professional and detail oriented, and he always gets back to you as quickly as he can. He is not arrogant or greedy. I felt like he really cared about my situation. He was definitely there to help me. I not only liked him as an attorney, I thought he was a quality human being.”

    Happy Client

  • You are in very good hands with this lawyer.

    “Tim Brown represented me in my recent court case. When I first discussed the case with Tim, he came across as very understanding and knowledgeable. I am extremely happy with the results. You are in very good hands with this lawyer.”


  • Expertly and efficiently handled.

    “A legal issue which confronted my family caused much anxiety, but the issue was expertly and efficiently handled by attorney Timothy Brown. Mr. Brown appeared to have the best depth of experience and gave what we thought to be a very effective analysis of our issues. Without hesitation, we would recommend attorney Tim Brown.”

    Former Client

  • Finally, a lawyer that cares about his clients!

    “We hired Timothy Brown to help us when we received a court order that we were being sued for old credit card debt. He took the time to consult with us in his office and used terms that we could understand to explain our options. Timothy quoted our case and not only did he do the case for the amount quoted, but he offered us payment options to help lift the burden. Finally, a lawyer that cares about his clients. Timothy was very professional and was genuinely concerned with the outcome of our case. He appeared in court every time it was required so we didn't have to miss work and he kept us informed every step of the way. He was available when I had questions for him, and always returned phone calls. I would highly recommend Timothy to anyone that needs debt or bankruptcy consultation.”


  • Would definitely recommend to others.

    “Always a pleasure. Very helpful, reasonable priced, and would definitely recommend to others.”


  • He lifted a huge burden off my shoulders, and I will forever be indebted to him.

    “Super quick and efficient!!! Prior to retaining Mr. Brown, I had retained another lawyer, who was going to do my bankruptcy and another case, all in one. That was in April of 2011. That other case, is still not done...and it is now 2016. Within weeks of meeting with Mr. Brown, we were in court, and my bankruptcy had been filed. Mr. Brown explained 100% of everything, I needed to do on my end, in a manner that I could understand. And when my bankruptcy had been discharged, he also told me how to start rebuilding my credit from the ground up again. He lifted a huge burden off my shoulders, and I will forever be indebted to him. He is the man you want sitting with you in court.”


  • Consummate professional who guided me through the entire process with ease.

    “Excellent and knowledgeable Attorney. Mr. Brown was a consummate professional who guided me through the entire process with ease. He gave me a more than fair rate and continues to be available even after the discharge for advice on rebuilding credit. Many thanks to him for all he has done. Great Job!”


  • Stop searching because this is the only attorney you need

    “I had met with a few attorneys before Mr. Brown and he by far stood out. My experience with the other attorney's were that i felt rushed, like i was just another appointment, One barely listened Or showed he was interested in my situation and another seemed like i was being run through a very generic process and i was just another case. My first appointment With Mr. Brown was at a public place i picked because he was accommodating my schedule. Attorney Brown is the most professional, thorough, compassionate and attentive attorney you will ever meet. He is extremely real, unlike most attorneys I have dealt with- and i have had experiences with many. With Mr. brown there is nothing that says you are just another client and i am here just to take your money. He is sincere in wanting to help you Through your situation and is great at communicating to keep you aware always with what is Going on. i was so impressed with how smoothly and efficiently my case went. There was no detail that he overlooked and his concern made me feel that i was always his priority even though you know he had other cases to handle. I cannot express enough how you will not be disappointed if you are looking for an attorney who Has integrity And is going to work hard for you. You need to look no further, attorney timothy brown is who you need to call!”


  • Best lawyer

    “I recently used Timothy Brown for my case and was very satisfied with his Work! He is very knowledgeable , dedicated, caring and Reliable! With him you can be assured to win your case - will use him again if needed.”

    Dana G.

  • Very professional and kind in a way that made the process a lot easier on us.

    “Nobody wants to admit to themselves and others that they are in financial trouble. Time passes and the bills keep mounting and then the stresses of the wreckage are right in your face. Family issues due to creditors calling nonstop and coming to terms of all the bills that have pilled up. Feeling completely alone and nowhere to turn, we finally made the decision to deal with this problem head on. I called law offices from T.V. ads and spoke with lawyers claiming they would help with the process and get us out from under the rock. I never felt comfortable with making the decision to file bankruptcy and didn't feel comfortable with any of the lawyers claiming they were here to help. I came across Timothy Brown while browsing the internet for local bankruptcy lawyers. I called his office and also sent an email requesting for information regarding our situation and what options we had. From the moment I sat down with Timothy in his office, I new that he was the lawyer that I wanted representing my wife and I. He was completely honest and genuine on how he handled our situation and how he made us feel better about the decision to file and get our lives back on track. He always let us know that we had other options and what was available to help us get out of the debt that had consumed our family. He never treated us different and always took time out to meet at hours that we compatible to my work hours. He was very professional and kind in a way that made the process a lot easier on us. I've heard horror stories about not being treated with respect and how other lawyers just rushed the process to make there money and move on to the next case. Not so with Mr. Brown he actually took the time to sit with my wife and I and explain the process that we were going through and broke it down in simple terms instead of making us feel that we were stupid and didn't need to know what was happening. He's still been very involved even after our bankruptcy has been discharged and has set time aside to sit with us and show us how to get back on track after the bankruptcy is over. He took the time to send us a holiday card with Starbucks gift cards to enjoy a cup of coffee. Those little things have made an impression on my family that goes beyond the relationship of just a client lawyer relationship. I would recommend that if anyone needed advice or was looking for a lawyer to carry out the bankruptcy proceedings, that they would use Timothy Brown and not think twice. He is a lawyer that is actually making a difference and cares about what his clients are going through.”

    James K.

  • I would highly recommend him and will use him in the future.

    “Mr. Brown has represented me and my family members in a variety of matters. We have always been pleased with his dedication to our case, his attention to detail, his ability to make time for us, the price of his services and the end result of the case. I would highly recommend him and will use him in the future, should the need arise.”

    Anonymous Client

  • Very personable, knowledgeable, caring and helpful attorney.

    “A great attorney everyone should consider! Tim Brown is a very personable, knowledgeable, caring and helpful attorney. We had a very rough year medically and financially. I tried contacting several attorneys regarding our situation. Many did not return my calls or treated us as if we should know better about handling our finances. Tim was very caring and understanding about the fact that things happen in life to good people. Especially medical things. He doesn't judge you about the situation your in. He took the time to takes step by step through the bankruptcy process, so we understood everything that was going to happen. He really put us at ease in a very stressful time. Even with the bankruptcy final, he continues to answer questions that arise about various matters. He is always just a phone call or email away. Tim will work with you for the best possible outcome for your situation. Thank you Tim for all your help!”

    Susan & Michael