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Meeting of the Creditors (section 341 meeting)

After a Chapter 13 case is filed with the court, the Section 341 Meeting (a.k.a. "Meeting of the Creditors") is scheduled.  At this meeting, which is usually scheduled about 30-days after the case filing, the bankruptcy case trustee will ask various questions about the debtor's financial circumstances.  The trustee will also review various financial records, including income records, tax returns, certain installment agreements, and support records.  During the process, the trustee will verify the information contained in the court filings and assess the debtor's particular financial circumstances to determine whether the proposed Chapter 13 plan satisfies all applicable requirements.

As part of the process, creditors are allowed to attend the meeting and ask relevant questions.  However, creditors rarely attend these meetings, even though they have a right to do so.

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