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Repossession of a Motor Vehicle

Repossession of a Motor Vehicle

Failure to make all required payments on a car loan can result in harsh consequences.  Lenders will typically attempt to repossess a vehicle after two or three payments are missed.  In most cases, the lender will take the vehicle back without the permission from the borrower.

Under the applicable bankruptcy law, a lender is not permitted repossess a vehicle while a bankruptcy case is pending.  By filing bankruptcy, the borrower can prevent repossession.

If a Chapter 7 case is filed, the debtor can at least delay the repossession of the vehicle until the case concludes or until the creditor is granted permission from the court.

In a Chapter 13 case, the debtor can prevent repossession, so long as the debtor can propose a plan that results in the repayment of the default amount.

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