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Steps to File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Algonquin

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Procedures

The process of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy might seem a little complicated at first.  But getting getting a Chapter 13 case approved is not so difficult if the proper steps are followed.   

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In simplified form, the debtor seeking debt relief in Chapter 13 will need to follow these steps:

  • get a free Chapter 13 case evaluation
  • provide your financial records, such as pay stubs and recent tax returns
  • take the required credit counseling class
  • review with your attorney and sign the prepared bankruptcy forms
  • make your first Chapter 13 payment within 30 days from the case filing
  • attend with your attorney the "meeting of the creditors" conducted by the case trustee
  • let your attorney resolve any objections to your proposed Chapter 13 plan
  • let your attorney work to have your proposed Chapter 13 plan approved by the court
  • complete the debtor education class
  • make all required Chapter 13 payments

Although it requires a commitment of three to five years to successfully complete a Chapter 13 plan, its worth it to finally become debt free!

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