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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Helping Eliminate Unsecured Debt

Chapter 7 Lawyer in Crystal Lake

Helping Eliminate Unsecured Debt in Elgin and Crystal Lake

Has debt completely overtaken your life to the point that you are unable to pay your bills or make payments on your mortgage? While filing for bankruptcy is not a decision you should make hastily, it may be your only option.

At The Law Office of Timothy Brown, we are dedicated to using the power of bankruptcy to help you settle your debts in the least stressful manner possible. If you do not know what steps to take but believe you will pass the means test, our Crystal Lake Chapter 7 attorney can help you get started.

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Can Filing For Chapter 7 Protect My Property?

When you file a bankruptcy petition, you will be protected by an automatic stay. The automatic stay provides temporary protection from most creditors - this will typically stop wage garnishments, pause any pending lawsuits, stop the foreclosure of your home, and more. The case will move forward while this automatic stay is still in effect, allowing our firm to find a suitable resolution for your case.

Many different types of unsecured debt can be charged in Chapter 7, including:

  • Certain personal loans
  • Medical bills
  • Credit card debt
  • Unsecured business debt
  • Lawsuit expenses
  • Lease and contract expenses

Bankruptcy Exemptions

Under the U.S Bankruptcy Code, an individual filing for Chapter 7 is allowed to keep their property, so long as the property does not exceed a certain dollar amount. The particular dollar amounts are governed by the applicable "exemptions." The U.S. Bankruptcy Code states that federal law will be used to determine a debtor's property exemptions unless the individual state has "opted-out" of this federal exemption plan. If a state opts-out of the federal plan, the state may apply its own exemption law. In Illinois, the state has opted-out of the federal plan. As such, the state's exemption law determines the extent to which a debtor's property is protected in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case.

Call Our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers at (815) 569-4110

If you believe that Chapter 7 is right for you or you have any questions and concerns for us to address, all you have to do is reach out to us. We offer free consultations at our offices in Elgin and Crystal Lake to allow clients like yourself to discuss your unique situation and determine what type of solution is right for you. Our goal is to determine if Chapter 7 is the right option for you and your family to seek relief from debt.

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